Integrated Chemistry Solutions Private Limited (ICSPL) provides consultancy services focused on the electrical power production industry. Offering expertise in the application of chemistry to manage the life of steam turbines, boilers, heat recovery steam generators, feedwater heaters, dearators and condensers. Integrated Solutions also offers expertise in water treatment, both for the production of high purity demineralized water and for the treating of waste water.
Expert guidance on:
• Cycle Chemistry Treatments
• Steam Chemistry
• Water Treatment
• Instrumentation
• Corrosion and Deposition Control
• Condensate Polishing
• Flow Accelerated Corrosion
• Chemistry Management Systems
• Remote Monitoring
• Integration of Chemistry into Asset Management Programs

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June 26-29, 2012
Join ICSPL Principal Caravaggio as he travels to Seattle Washington for the Electric Power Research Institute's 10th International Cycle Chemistry Conference. Caravaggio will present a paper on the Cost and Value of Cycle Chemistry Programs in Fossil Plants. Interested in attending? Here is the conference event notice www.cvent.com

April 17-19 2012
Join ICSPL Principal Caravaggio on the Australian Gold Coast for the Electric Power Research Institute's Australian Major Component Reliability and Materials & Chemistry Group Workshop. Caravaggio will be discussing corrosion monitoring in the power cycle as part of the workshop. Interested in attending? Here is the workshop event notice www.cvent.com

March 2012
ICSPL Principal Caravaggio travels to Beijing China to discuss partnerships between Western and Chinese companies involved in the delivery of water treatment and control technology to the Power Market. Is your company looking to expand into the Chinese Power Market? ICSPL may be able to help. Contact Us at info@intchemsol.com

December 9, 2011
ICSPL launches its China Coal Fired Power Plant Database. The database contains the names, locations, capacity size and ownership of hundreds of coal fired power plants located in mainland China. View the interactive map for details on total Coal Fired Generating capacity in the ICSPL database by region in mainland China.

Interested in a copy of the database? Contact Us at info@intchemsol.com

October 12-13, 2011
ICSPL Principal Mike Caravaggio provided a keynote address on the future of Cycle Chemistry Monitoring at the 2011 Annual Chinese Power Plant Chemistry Conference, in Shanghai China. Caravaggio also spoke on Flow Accelerated Corrosion and the Growth of Steam Oxides at the Conference. Exfoliation of Steam Grown Oxides is a major issue impacting Chinese Power Plants.

July 6-7, 2011
ICSPL Principal Mike Caravaggio attended the Ultrapure Water Conference in Singapore. Caravaggio delivered a talk on Makeup Water Treatment for Fossil Power Plants and the importance of the raw water characterization in the design and operation of the makeup plant. Ultrapure Water Singapore Suntec 2011

Interested in a copy of the paper? Contact Us at info@intchemsol.com

April 12-14, 2011
ICSPL Principal Mike Caravaggio traveled to Barcelona Spain to participate in the EPRI 2011 European Major Component Reliability Workshop and Users Group Meeting. Caravaggio presented a paper on "Practical Application of Phosphate Treatment" which was subsequently published in the May Edition of the Power Plant Chemistry Journal.

Applying Phosphate Treatments in your Conventional Boiler or in a HRSG and having problems? ICSPL can help. Contact Us at info@intchemsol.com

Caravaggio also co-presented a paper on "Corrosion Product Monitoring" in fossil plants with Chemtrac's Joe Zimmerman. This paper discussed the many technologies available for tracking corrosion product transport through the fossil power plant cycle, including the innovative use of Particle Monitoring for continuous monitoring of corrosion product transport.

Want to learn more about how to correctly perform corrosion product transport monitoring and how this monitoring can be used to optimize corrosion control in your Power Plant, ICSPL can help. Contact Us at info@intchemsol.com

February 9-10, 2011
ICSPL Principal Mike Caravaggio traveled to Xi'an, China for a two day meeting with the Thermal Power Research Institute TPRI. Caravaggio and approximately 40 TPRI representatives discussed various Power Plant Cycle Chemistry control technologies and opportunities for Technology Transfer. As part of the visit Caravaggio provided an overview of the power market in North America as it compares the current Chinese power market and how that is shaping the development of Power Plant Chemistry control technologies.